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The intuitive store for Vue.js

Type Safe, Extensible, and Modular by design. Forget you are even using a store.


💡 Intuitive

Stores are as familiar as components. API designed to let you write well organized stores.

🔑 Type Safe

Types are inferred, which means stores provide you with autocompletion even in JavaScript!

⚙️ Devtools support

Pinia hooks into Vue devtools to give you an enhanced development experience in both Vue 2 and Vue 3.

🔌 Extensible

React to store changes to extend Pinia with transactions, local storage synchronization, etc.

🏗 Modular by design

Build multiple stores and let your bundler code split them automatically.

📦 Extremely light

Pinia weighs ~1.5kb, you will forget it's even there!

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Released under the MIT License.