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HMR (Hot Module Replacement)

Pinia supports Hot Module replacement so you can edit your stores and interact with them directly in your app without reloading the page, allowing you to keep the existing state, add, or even remove state, actions, and getters.

At the moment, only Vite is officially supported but any bundler implementing the spec should work (e.g. webpack seems to use import.meta.webpackHot instead of You need to add this snippet of code next to any store declaration. Let's say you have three stores: auth.js, cart.js, and chat.js, you will have to add (and adapt) this after the creation of the store definition:

// auth.js
import { defineStore, acceptHMRUpdate } from 'pinia'

export const useAuth = defineStore('auth', {
  // options...

// make sure to pass the right store definition, `useAuth` in this case.
if ( {,

Released under the MIT License.